Fine Arts Forum of Mansfield

A community of artists, audience & volunteers -
Over 50 performances a year!

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Pitch In

Contributions Needed

We are a small organization in a small and rural area. By definition we can use your help! Money to be sure, but also donations of material and time. If you think you might be able to help or have some article that might be of use to us, please contact us.

Individual Contributions

We are a non-profit, tax exempt organization so any donation is tax deductible. If you are able to support us, please send checks to the address on the contact page. made out to the Fine Arts Forum of Mansfield. Following deposit we will mail you a thank you with a confirmation of your donation for your records. Remember when contributing that many companies will match monies donated by employees. This is a very easy way to make your support go further.

Business Sponsors

Businesses that sponsor the Fine Arts Forum are listed on our sponsors page, get a sponsors block on our poster and a copy of the poster itself. Business sponsorships start at $75. Please contact us if your business would like to help. We truly hope our efforts bring more people into the Mansfield region will strengthen your business. Strong communities need strong businesses.

Contribute Time

We often have jobs come up which require time and energy. Sometimes we need a special skill as in an electrician. If you think you can pitch in here, let us know.

Participate as a Performer

Many of you have an interest in poetry, music or performance, but it has perhaps been pushed aside for the demands of real life. Art invigourates our lives. Much of Fine Arts Forum's motivation comes from the desire to provide a local environment where local artist can awaken, nourish and pursue their art. Many performers for our series started by working up a few things presented at an open microphone. Check out our booking information.

Participate as a Member of the Audience

Art and performance require an audience. A performance is an attempt at communication and this requires an active, listening audience. Evolution of art requires a community. Artists need constructive feed back to better themselves. Those of us in the audience are enriched by what artists have to say. It is also great fun to attend a performance and share that experience with others around you. It beats anything TV has to offer. Check out the upcoming events and event locations for more information.

Join our efforts to establish an arts center in Mansfield

We have the dream and goal of establishing an arts center in downtown Mansfield. A community space which can be used for performance, art shows, practice, dance classes, lectures and so on.